Manifesto provides consultancy services and works to develop cultural and artistic projects.

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Developing, producing and activating cultural projects that combine exacting artistic standards with a tangible local impact with Manifesto Studio

We advise our clients on the development of cultural strategies that inspire, unite and revitalize the area in which the project is based.

We begin every project with in-depth analysis of the context; this gives us a detailed understanding of the key issues and objectives.
This assessment, which includes studies, diagnostic analysis, benchmarks, mapping and interviews, serves as inspiration as we consider the best strategy.

We develop a tailor-made concept for every project and a unique artistic vision, all while working to showcase the specific characteristics of the site and its surroundings.
Creating a cultural concept, curatorial research, establishing an artistic identity or positioning: depending on the situation and the objective, we can provide in-house artistic direction and work with partner cultural institutions and independent curators.

We develop an operational strategy to ensure solid and shared project management.
Whether it’s for a building, a neighborhood or even a city, our work can include architectural programming, consultations, legal support, cultural programming, museography, business model development and ad hoc governance.

We are dedicated to the production of artwork and cultural events driven by genuine artistic excellence, from the initial ideas to public engagement.

Prior to production, we ensure that every aspect of the project is feasible.
Working with the artist and the commissioning party (whether public or private), we produce feasibility studies, working drawings and prototypes, we create a budget and a planned schedule and we provide support with legal and administrative matters.

Once the project has been decided on, we diligently oversee the entire production process.
We manage the logistics, the budget, the schedule and the choice of service providers and we ensure coordination between the various parties, including the artwork’s installation/removal. As part of our approach, we focus on sustainability, including sustainable design and life-cycle analysis, particularly in terms of anticipating any maintenance needs.

We provide our clients with communication consultancy services to publicize and promote the project among the target audience.
Our skills include developing promotional strategies, creating communication and engagement tools and press relations.

Urban and heritage conversion projects are long-term projects; during this time, we create and implement programs to open and revitalize these sites, supporting the transformation of these local areas and encouraging public engagement.

From converting heritage sites (in urban or rural areas) to constructing new buildings, any real estate and urban transformation project requires additional support, particularly when it comes to cultural, social and economic matters. To ensure that projects are relevant, appropriated and embraced, we work with public authorities, developers and private owners to develop tailor-made activation programs, involving artists throughout the process.

Activating a site before or during its transformation process through artistic residencies, temporary installations or events breathes life into the area, engages the public and publicizes the project; at the same time, it also serves as an opportunity to test new uses, practices and partnerships by preparing for the arrival of future operators, whether they are public or private.

For every project, we put together an ad hoc team that handles the developmental and operational phases of our activation programs: of course, we develop strategies, but we also provide support with technical, legal and economic issues, communication, production and the search for operators and partners, with a constant focus on ensuring the project’s long-term success.

In this way, ACTIVATING combines our expertise in DEVELOPING and PRODUCING.

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