Art and culture open up new possibilities.

Founded in 2015 by Hervé Digne and Laure Confavreux-Colliex, Manifesto provides consultancy services and works to develop cultural and artistic projects.

Manifesto works to create and regenerate cultural and heritage sites by developing artistic projects with a strong societal impact, in France and internationally, via Manifesto Studio which provides consultancy and operational services on behalf of third parties.

Since 2019, its subsidiary Manifesto Expo has organized the international touring of exhibitions commissioned by famous museums and prestigious foundations.

In 2020, Manifesto created POUSH, an innovative venue dedicated to contemporary creation that brought together more than 220 artists in Clichy (92). Manifesto helped with POUSH’s artists’ relocation to Aubervilliers (93) to create a cultural and creative neighborhood and actively supports the Association for the Development of Artists’ Creative Spaces, which is now responsible for the project.

« At Manifesto, we are ardent supporters of culture in all its forms: from the visual arts to culinary creations, at a local level and on a global scale.

We strongly believe that artists play an extraordinary role in society. Resolutely committed to the era in which we all live, we are convinced that their insights stimulate the imagination and create a true intensity of experience. With their creative freedom, artists simultaneously shake up indifference and long-held certainties.

As a source of shared knowledge and shared emotions, culture connects. It opens doors and expands the mind. It forms a part of a community and a region, giving meaning to everyday life. Together, art and culture concentrate and enhance our humanity and are an opportunity for those who want to put people at the heart of their professions and their cities.

We are perfectly positioned between the worlds of business and culture, mobilizing our manifold experience to coordinate this encounter. We believe in the innovative nature of urban decision-makers, public and private cultural players and companies and their ability to involve their teams and their communities in daring, ambitious projects. We listen to the objectives and constraints of our clients and other stakeholders and we know how to mobilize talent and partners within our network. We approach every creative project with demanding artistic requirements, our trademark ambition and technical expertise, ensuring a genuine local impact to guarantee that new possibilities are open to all. »

Hervé Digne and Laure Colliex