At Manifesto, we conceive and deliver artistic and cultural projects in the arts, heritage and museum sectors, in France and around the world.

We offer tailored consultancy and management services across the entire production chain of any artistic or cultural project.

We work closely with cultural institutions and museums, local councils, companies, and artists.

Our multidisciplinary teams mobilise artists, curators, designers, scenographers, architects, urban planners, producers, technicians to imagine and bring to life ambitious, innovative, and sustainable artistic and cultural projects for all.

Manifesto has an international presence, with the creation of its subsidiary Manifesto Middle East, as well as regular partnerships in Hong Kong, Korea and Morocco.

Manifesto's business lines are organised into specialised entities:

Manifesto Studio provides consultancy and operational services for artistic and cultural projects.

Manifesto Expo, Manifesto’s specialist subsidiary, coordinates the production and touring of exhibitions in France and internationally, working on behalf of museums and public and private collections.

Manifesto Immersive is a company specializing in the production of immersive artistic and cultural experiences, bringing together artists and audiovisual or multimedia authors and directors to create immersive works aimed at the general public.

Manifesto Museum focuses on the design, development, and promotion of museum and cultural heritage projects that arouse interest, curiosity, and emotion.

Manifesto Middle East supports the art and culture industry in Saudi Arabia, especially through strategy consulting, the development of museums, the productionof exhibitions and public art commissions, and the management of artist residencies.

Manifesto Services assists and advises artists in their projects and their career development, facilitating connections with various players in the art world, as well with companies seeking collaborations with visual artists.

Why Manifesto?

"We believe that culture is a key pillar for sustainable development and that art has the power to connect us. We want to give voice to artists’ perspectives on the world and to contribute, through art, to create harmony between our societies and all living beings.

Our fundamental principle is artistic freedom, and our aspiration is excellence. Artists and creation are at the heart of our endeavors: we create an environment in which artists can produce works imbued with meaning and wonder, independently and responsibly.

Diversity is our priority. We see encounters as opportunities for mutual growth, advocating for the inclusion of artists of all ages and backgrounds. Enriched by their differences and their horizons, we collaborate with them on building projects for all audiences. We take pride in the diversity and openness of our artistic ecosystem and in contributing to a pluralistic culture.

We believe in the influence of artistic creation in the development of our societies. We embrace locally rooted and community-driven creations and cultural projects. We are determined to provide a new future to our heritage, through long-term projects and creations designed to endure and evolve over time.

We are a specialized company, open to the world and to time. From conception to production and execution, we have acquired a recognized expertise. We take pride in creating bridges between cultures, acting as intermediaries between museums, cultural institutions, companies, and associations. We understand the need to bring together public and private stakeholders in the cultural industry and we actively seek to demonstrate that their collaboration contributes to the common good.

We are determined to always fuel the desire to experiment and think outside the box, offering original, creative, and powerful solutions to our clients. We are acutely aware of our responsibilities; this is why we strive to develop a virtuous and enduring cultural model".

Hervé Digne and Laure Confavreux-Colliex, founders