Exhibitions and collections that travel the world with Manifesto Expo

Hong Kong Museum of Art - Surrealism and Mythologies - Credit HKMA

Manifesto Expo coordinates the production and touring of exhibitions in France and internationally, working on behalf of museums and public and private collections.

Boasting in-depth knowledge of cultural stakeholders and their needs and a solid network of international institutions, Manifesto Expo works to identify international partners, supervises contractual negotiations and logistics (transport, insurance, shipping), coordinates between the various parties, oversees installation and removal and manages budgets and schedules.

We also work with institutions, helping them curate exhibitions and develop strategies to showcase their collections.
We work with leading museums in the United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Manifesto Expo is a partner member of XPO, the French Association of Exhibition Designers and the Touring Exhibitions Group.

Houston (Texas)

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Kiel (Allemagne)

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Graz (Autriche)

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San Diego (Californie)

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Hong Kong (Chine)

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