As a creative venue with a local and international impact, POUSH hosts and supports 250 artists, exhibitions and events.

In March 2020, Manifesto opened POUSH, an innovative venue dedicated to contemporary creation. Progressively hosting more than 220 artists on 9 floors of a former office building that lay vacant in Porte Pouchet in Clichy, with the support of Sogelym Dixence, the adventurous POUSH project moved to Aubervilliers in April 2022, with the ambitious aim of developing a creative and cultural neighborhood there. In this 20,000m² industrial campus with buildings that date back to the 1920s (formerly owned by the perfumery L. T Piver and now belonging to the Société de la Tour Eiffel), POUSH brings together an impressive array of 250 established and emerging artists who can work together on various collaborative ideas and projects.

The artists benefit from studios and additional support with their artistic development, production, administrative matters and communications. Under Yvannoé Kruger’s artistic direction, POUSH boasts a unique artistic program with more than fifty exhibitions since its creation, along with installations created especially for the building and performances.

An urban signal that resonates throughout Greater Paris, POUSH is also a creative sounding board that broadcasts on web radio and that showcases the vitality of the French art scene, enhanced by the work of artists from more than forty different countries.

Encouraging the sharing of artistic practices between residents, POUSH creates a network of artists, curators and academics, providing wide-ranging opportunities for exhibitions and discussions. Its breathtaking exhibition spaces, including a hall spanning almost 2,000m², are energizing and inspiring. Firmly established within the Greater Paris region, this iconic venue in Aubervilliers aims to contribute to local development and expand the influence of the French cultural scene by providing opportunities for new and international collaborative projects.

Proving the public interest of its work, POUSH is now overseen by the ADLCA (Association for the Development of Artists’ Creative Spaces), founded in June 2021 by Hervé Digne and Laure Colliex. With a system of governance that includes the directors of many innovative cultural institutions, the association aims to develop and promote multidisciplinary creative spaces for artists and artistic stakeholders that have both close links to their local area and a decidedly international perspective. And of course, they can count on Manifesto’s unwavering support!