Client Havas
Place Puteaux, France
Date 2022

Manifesto produced the Double Nature exhibition for Havas, curated by Yvannoé Kruger along with four POUSH artists.

An initiative of Havas Events’ Arts & Culture team, Art for (H)all aims to share the very best international artistic activity while supporting young French artists. In September 2022, Havas invited POUSH to develop an exhibition for the entrance hall of its headquarters in Puteaux. Yvannoé Kruger, the director of POUSH, asked Grégory Chatonsky, Hugo Deverchère, Laura Garcia Karras and Amalia Laurent, all POUSH residents, to showcase the interactions between the arts and sciences: both domains ask questions of our world by making the invisible visible and by revealing the threads which are woven together to create our reality.

Manifesto Studio was responsible for the entire production of this exhibition: supporting artists to produce their original artwork, transporting and hanging the artwork in a high-rise building, providing mediation and dismantling the exhibition.

To mark the exhibition’s opening, Manifesto worked with Radio POUSH to organize an evening event to which all of Havas’ employees were invited.

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