Mural by Margaux Desombre for Primonial REIM, Immeuble Lumière

Client Primonial REIM
Lieu Paris
Date 2024

Primonial REIM France has commissioned Manifesto to oversee the artistic direction and production of a site-specific artwork for its office building, Seine, which is part of the Immeuble Lumière complex.

As part of Seine’s extensive renovation, POUSH resident Margaux Desombre was chosen to design a mural towering nearly 70 meters high, which adorns the building’s patio from the 4 th to the 7 th floor, located at 40 Avenue des Terroirs de France in the 12 th arrondissement of Paris, close to Bercy Village. Drawing on her ten years of experience as an architect, the artist has created a fresco that skillfully leverages the site’s architectural specificity.

Each floor presents a different view of the work, titled Un champ d’eau (A Field of Water). The artist creates a dreamlike landscape for the building’s occupants, subtly evoking the presence of water at the site’s edge, both figuratively and through more abstract fragments. The artist intended “to tell a story without being visually overbearing, allowing the eye to rest, especially in an office environment. It was essential to offer a work that remains open to the imagination of those who encounter it.” Playing on this ambivalence, the fresco adorns the patio’s mineral façade and is reflected in the windows, creating a sense of openness. Among the technical paints suitable for the project, six warm colors were chosen. These hues recall the oil paintings typically used by the artist. This palette was selected to complement the patio’s changing light and the constant interplay of reflections generated by the three glass façades.

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