AlUla Art Residency – Oasis Reborn

Clients Royal Commission of Al-Ula (RCU) and French Agency for AlUla Development (AF AlUla)
Place AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Date 2021-2022

Chosen by the Royal Commission for AlUla and the French Agency for AlUla Development, Manifesto managed the first artists’ residency in AlUla: Oasis Reborn.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and the French Agency for AlUla Development (Afalula) joined together to create the first artists’ residency in AlUla: Oasis Reborn. Working closely with these two institutions, Manifesto manages the residency, sharing its expertise in artistic direction and providing support for the artists.

This residency program encourages dialogue, discussions and collaborative work between the artists in residence and experts working in the field in AlUla (geologists, architects, archaeologists, botanists), local stakeholders and other members of the local community. The artists focus their research and work on the theme of “oasis renaissance”; AlUla’s oasis is one of its most striking landscapes. This collaborative work will help AlUla become a “destination designed by artists”. In the long term, AlUla will develop a thriving ecosystem of artists from around the world, who will benefit from production facilities and effective support when it comes to curating and artistic direction.

In addition to supporting the research and production projects of artists in AlUla, a public event was held each week. Open days, workshops and meetings provided an opportunity for the public and the artists to discuss the progress of their work at different stages of the residency.

Manifesto provides artistic support, coordinates the project (from identifying experts and their links with the artists to involving the local residents of AlUla), organizes and runs events, and manages the residency on site (organizing the workshop spaces, etc.).

The residency : November 1st, 2021 - Janvier 14, 2022
WRashed Al Shashai, Sara Favriau, Talin Hazbar, Laura Sellies, Sofiane Si Merabet, Muhannad Shono

Open Studios

During two months, the six international artists of AlUla Artist Residency have presented their research on the natural, historical, and cultural landscapes of AlUla, throught their work which were on display at their studio. This two-day event encompassed performances from the artists, immersive installations in the oasis, lively discussions and music.

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