1024 architecture, Fête des Lumières

Client Ville de Lyon
Lieu Lyon, France
Date 2023

As part of Lyon’s Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) 2023, Manifesto is producing a light and sound work by the artists of 1024 architecture on the Place des Jacobins.

For this iconic location in the heart of the Presqu’île, Manifesto has called on the artists of 1024 architecture to create L’écrin des Jacobins, highlighting the Fontaine des Jacobins, alternately protecting it and revealing it in order to magnify it.

The installation’s light beams are already perceptible in the surroundings of the site, inviting them to come closer, like a signal. When they arrive, they are encouraged to walk around the fountain and observe the captivating interplay of appearances and disappearances visible from all angles of the square, (re)discovering the great artistic figures who adorn the fountain.

The installation is designed to conceal the fountain one moment, shrouded in a cloud of smoke and laser beams, and reveal it the next.
The light show is complemented by a soundtrack, conceived by 1024 as a simple, delicate sound design that reinforces the visual effects in real time.
The artwork is designed to provide different sequences throughout the visitor’s experience.
A mediation service has been put in place to help the public discover the names of the artists, the title of the work, and the materials used.

Manifesto is assisting 1024 Architecture in the definition of the work, particularly with the eco-design issues involved in this zero-waste project. Manifesto is managing and monitoring the budget and production schedule, and coordinating all the parties involved in the project. Manifesto is also facilitating exchanges with the City of Lyon’s administrative, legal, financial, and communication teams. Finally, Manifesto acts as a mediator with the public, the partners of the event, and the press.

Sponsor: Sogelym Dixence
Production support: ECS Laser et MadMapper

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